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Why Invest in Turkey

Turkey is a country governed by the Republic. There are 81 provinces in 7 geographical regions. There are 39 districts of Istanbul. The population of Istanbul, one of the most important global cities in the world, is 1/5 of the population of Turkey. Turkey with a population of 81 million is 50% of a young population under the age of 30. In Turkey, there are 22 cities with a population of over 1 million.

Turkey's largest city is Istanbul, with a population of 15 million. Istanbul, which has a history of about 8,000 years, has been a crossing point of international trade throughout the history. Turkey was visited by 32.4 million tourists in 2017. The financial center of Turkey, Istanbul is also one of the most important trade centers in the world. Currently having the world's 18th largest economy of Turkey in 2050 is expected to be among world's top 15 Economics.

There are direct flights from Istanbul to 400 destinations. There are direct flights to most of the world's largest cities. There are direct flights from Istanbul to all capitals. Istanbul is one of the 5 most important global centers in the world together with Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London and Munich 32,000 international companies operate in Istanbul. Istanbul is an attractive attraction center for the business world due to its stable, competitive and investor-friendly nature. There are about 400 companies registered to the Chamber of Commerce in Istanbul. After Istanbul, other cities with investment potential are listed as Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Bursa, Kocaeli and Mersin.

Istanbul, which is one of the attraction centers of the world due to its history, culture, multinational structure, economy and trade volume, is an integrated city with the world. With the transportation networks it has, you can reach anywhere in the world safely. At two major airports in Istanbul, 70 different airlines serve to 100 million passengers a year. Turkish Airlines, which is proud of Turkey, is the fourth largest airline in the world with 292 destinations in 116 countries. In the evaluation made by Skytrax, a professional quality rating agency, with the approval of its customers, Turkish Airlines has been ed as the best airline in Europe for the sixth time.

Quality of life in cities is a preferred feature for the investor. The competitive advantage of cities with high quality of life makes them always popular in the investment choice. Istanbul ranked 101th in the world in terms of cost of living. This statistic emerged as a result of research carried out on housing, transportation, food, entertainment, household appliances and between 207 cities on 5 continents. Istanbul is a very cheap city compared to the quality of life it offers.  In terms of its location, Istanbul has a strategic position among European, Middle Eastern, Russian and European markets. Istanbul, the capital of entrepreneurship, has an important entrepreneurial ecosystem due to the young, educated and risk-taking labor force. Istanbul, the only city in the world that connects the two continents, is also the Cultural Capital of the World. Istanbul, Turkey's largest, has the richest and most productive economy. With a workforce of qualified and trained Istanbul, Turkey is also a city that employs most of the labor force. It has a strong and innovative private sector and a fast growing domestic market.

Istanbul, where approximately 800 thousand students are educated in 56 universities, is a very important city in terms of education. With an average age of 30, Istanbul is one of the youngest cities in Europe. In Istanbul, there are around 50 local and international banks and around 3,100 branches. 100 thousand people work in the banking sector. In Turkey, where 6 million people use internet banking, approximately 35 million people use credit cards. The bank system in Turkey is much more developed than many European countries. 

Borsa İstanbul brings together all the stock exchanges operating in Turkish capital and money markets  In 2023 at the centenary of the Republic, Turkey aims to enter the world's 10 largest economies and to reach a volume of $ 500 billion export services. Turkey is moving rapidly towards becoming a regional financial center with the increasing interest of foreign investors. Istanbul, which has different cultures, religions and tastes, is at the junction of East and West. With its contemporary attractions, cafés, restaurants and clubs, you can find historical texture in the streets of the modern city Istanbul,

Istanbul, unlike many European cities, is a city where life continues for 24 hours. Istanbul has an excellent nightlife and entertainment venues suitable for every culture. You can see that many people from different countries have fun together in the most crowded night clubs at Taksim Square. Istanbul is one of 10 metropolises with the most active nightlife in the world. Istanbul is a city of choice for employers and employees in terms of living standards. The crime rate is quite low compared to the population. In this regard, it is one hundred and thirty-third in the world and is at the end of the list of cities that have committed the least crime.For young people in Istanbul, the level of hope is 79%, which is quite high among their peers at the global level.

Istanbul, which is a city with excellent beauty and visited by 15 million tourists a year, attracts tourists mostly from Germany, England, United States, Russia, Iran and Gulf Countries. In Istanbul, where people from different ethnic groups and religions live in harmony, there is a highly developed and competitive tourism sector. This diversity contributes to cultural richness. There is a very important congress tourism in Istanbul with around 150 congress organizations per year. Istanbul is one of the top 10 tourism cities in the world and one of the 3 most visited cities in Europe. The fact that historical monuments, mosques, monuments, boutique hotels and restaurants are attracted by tourists makes Istanbul one of the rare cities that have history and modernism. Istanbul is one of the most popular cities in the world with its diversity of tourism as well as culture and entertainment tourism. With a capacity of 105,000 beds, Istanbul welcomes guests from all over the world.

Istanbul, visited by 12 million tourists, also hosts hundreds of thousands of patients who come for treatment. It is the capital of the Middle East and Europe in terms of health tourism with its capacity of 35,000 beds in 240 hospitals. You can find different health alternatives in a variety of subjects, from eye surgery to dental treatments, from plastic surgery to hair transplant.The world's most famous hospitals are located in Istanbul and they serve world standards. Istanbul has the largest cultural heritage of the world. In 2010, Istanbul was ed as the European Capital of Culture. Istanbul has 800 cinemas, 230 theaters, 80 museums and the world'sest cuisine.You can have a shopping experience in Istanbul that you have never experienced before. Around 120 shopping centers serve with world brands. Istanbul is the sixth most suitable European city for international retailers.

There is a high demand for housing in Istanbul due to the population. In 2017, in Turkey has sold 1.41 million annual housing. In 2018, 1,002,000 housing units were sold. Istanbul offers attractive opportunities for real estate acquisitions during this rapid transformation process. In Istanbul, the demand for housing purchase of foreigners is very high. In 2018, due to the fluctuation in the foreign currency, the real estate sector suffered some problems. But still the sector has very low-risk and is very profitable.

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