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What kind of documents do you need buying property in Turkey?

According to the land registry law, foreign citizens can own real estate from Turkey. According to this principle, for real estate acquisition of a foreign country's citizen or Trade Company in our country, the citizens and trade companies of the Republic of Turkey should also have the right to acquire real estate in this foreign country and this right must be accepted by laws and must be practically applicable. Transfer of real estate is possible with the official deed and registration to be signed by the land registry offices according to the legislation in force in Turkey. At this stage, it is necessary to submit certain documents for foreigners buying property in Turkey. The documents listed below apply to all foreigners. In exceptional s, additional documents may be requested from you. You can obtain these documents in 1-2 days via your real estate agent.

Deed transactions for foreigners in Turkey

The buyer must be a citizen of the country who has real and limited real rights in our country and must have the Acquisition Terms. Turkey, providing convenience in land transactions for foreigners want to buy property in Turkey and allow it under the legislation.

Documents required for foreigners to buy property in Turkey

Here are the list of the deed documents for foreigners in Turkey:

·      Land title deed certificate or village / neighborhood, island, parcel, building information

·      ID card or passport (with translation as required)

·      Property Declaration Value of the property taken from the municipality

·      Compulsory earthquake insurance policy for buildings

·      In the last 6 months, the seller has 1 photograph and 2 photos of the buyer (size 6x4)

·      Sworn translator and two witnesses who do not speak Turkish

·      The original or certified copy of the power of attorney with translation

“Contract of sale” can be signed in the presence of a notary public. However, it is not possible to obtain the right of ownership by the “contract of sale” signed in the presence of a notary public or an external contract of sale.

Real estate consultancy for foreigners

You can prepare a list of the documents required for the title deed in a short time with a reliable real estate agent. Real estate consultancy companies in Turkey are very reliable and experienced. You can authorize your transactions without hesitation. Your rights are protected by Turkey laws.

Property taxes in Turkey

  • Yatırım yapma, satın alma, satma ya da kiralama gibi konularda size yardımcı olarak doğru kararı vermenizi sağlıyoruz.
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