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What are the benefits of having a Turkish citizenship?

If you want to have one of the world's strongest passports, you must be a Turkish citizen. After reading this guide on the benefits of having a Turkish citizenship, you will understand why it is so important. You must meet certain requirements in order to be a Turkish citizen under normal circumstances. For example, you can marry a Turkish citizen and get Turkish citizenship. You must be married and live for at least 5 years in Turkey. Another option is to work in Turkey for 5 years and apply for work permit. If these conditions are difficult for you or impossible for you, don't worry. With the new law, foreigners can now apply for Turkish citizenship by investing $ 250,000 in real estate in Turkey.

Why i need to get Turkish citizenship

In many countries of the world, if you want to gain different privileges, social status and prestige, you should apply for Turkish citizenship. Turkey, the most beautiful country in the world with a population of 82 million, is waiting for you to have a peaceful life. You can purchase a property from Turkey and apply immediately for the possibility of visa-free travel to dozens of countries, the privilege of bureaucratic procedures and the right to a nationality you will have with pride. Do something good for yourself and apply immediately!

Advantages of being Turkish citizen

In the list of advantages of being a Turkish citizen, we have a lot to write about. But we will give brief information in the form of a summary:

·      In 2019, Turkish passport allows you to enter 72 countries without a visa, to enter 42 countries by taking a visa at the border and to enter 7 countries by taking an online visa.

·      If negotiations and international agreements between Turkey and the European Union are concluded positively and if Turkey joins the European Union as expected, the Turkish citizens will have the right to leave without visas to many European countries as they have a Schengen visa in the future.

·      Turkey is witnessing unprecedented growth in substructure projects, attracting foreign investments, attracting foreign capital, supporting real estate investments, developing industry, commercial and agricultural sectors, and exports products, regional and international level obtained by the distinguished position of a modern country.

·      In the near future, Turkey will be a link center between the Far East and Near East Asia, between ancient civilizations and Europe and the modern Western world. Turkish citizens will be valued by all countries and they will be able to make products and exports. All these features will enable the Turks to live comfortably and easily in Turkey and in a large part of the world.

·      You will have the most prestigious passport in the world and carry it proudly.

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