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Türkiye'den Konut Satınalma Rehberi

  •  Are sales prices the same for everyone? Is different price applied to Turkish and foreign customers?

The same price applies to Turkish and foreign customers.

  • How is the taxation for Turkish customers and foreign customers? Is the same tax system valid for both?

The tax system in Turkey is applied the same for everyone. However, with the last change in the law, the VAT tax applied to the Turks at 18% is not applied for foreigners. Foreign customers are more advantageous than Turkish customers in this regard.

  •  Can I buy more advantageous if buy it direct from devoloper company without using any agent or brokerage firm?

No, prices are the same. If you go with brokerage firm, we can objectively tell you about the project features, advantages and disadvantages.

  • What should i do to buy a property in Turkey?

First of all, you need to have your passport with you, you can make a reservation by paying the deposit in cash or by credit card. In this way, you will fill out a form and fix the price of the residence. You can own the residence with a sales contract or title transfer within 14 days. The deposit will be deducted from the sales price at the time of booking.

  • I want to open a bank account in Turkey, how can i open it?

To open a bank account, you must go to the nearest tax office with your passport and obtain a tax number. You can open your bank account by going to the bank where you want to open your account with your tax number. If you give us a power of attorney, we can open a bank account for you if you want.

  • What should i do to get a residence permit in Turkey, How do I get a residence permit?

Tourists and foreign visitors can stay 90 days in Turkey, after entering to the country. After receiving the title deed, you can get residence permit for 1 year in Turkey.

  • If I get a residence permit, can my family also get it?

Your wife-husband and children under 18 can get the residence permit.

  • What should i do to get Turkish citizenship?

In order to get Turkish citizenship; you must purchase a property in the amount of US $ 250,000, not to sell within 3 years with the valuation report. Or you have to deposit money to the bank in exchange for $ 500,000 for 3 years.Or you have to deposit $ 500,000 in bank blockage for 3 years. All of these processes are followed by our lawyers and we conclude for you.

  • What are the sales promise contract sanctions if I cancel it?

  If you terminate after signing a sales promise contract in Turkey, you have to pay a fine in an amount between 2% and 8% according to the law. These rates may vary depending on the contract. This penalty will be charged and the remaining amount will be refunded to your bank account.

  •  What can I do if the property I bought is not delivered on time, what are my rights?

 According to the law; the developer company may extend 6 months from the date of delivery of the project written in the contract. If it is still not delivered after 6 months, the developer company has to pay a monthly penalty.

  • How about a rental multiplier ( GRM)  or return of investment in Turkey, especially in Istanbul? How long is reasonable and logical?

As Istanbul is a fast-growing city, there are serious differences between the city center and the more remote locations. In the center of Istanbul, rental income can be around 5% per year. So you buy a property for $ 250,000, the annual rental income can be around $ 12.500, and the monthly rental income can be around $ 1,000. In the new regions of Istanbul, these ratios can be around 7%. Housing that are under construction in Istanbul, can be purchased at a more affordable price. Thus, the value of the rent multiplier and investment can be higher. Housing prices in Turkey increase around 15% each year.

  • Is it advantageous I buy a house from the ongoing or under construction project?

If you want to get maximum profit from the project, you should buy it while the project is being built. Because in Turkey, prices increase continuously until the construction phase of the project is completed.

  • Where is the center of Istanbul?

This question is a general question asked by many people who have never visited Turkey before. In contrast, places such as Taksim and Sultanahmet are not the center of Istanbul, but only tourist areas. Istanbul is a big metropolis with an estimated 18 million population. In the districts of Istanbul, an average of 500,000 people live and there are 38 districts.All of these districts have their own centers. No matter which district you are in, you can meet all your needs in this district.

  • After I made a reservation to buy a house, i cancelled it, will the deposit be refunded?

 You can cancel it at any time within 2 weeks, your deposit will be refunded.

  • Can I buy a house in installments, not cash? So can I buy housing at monthly payments?

There is always an option to pay in installments for construction projects that are in progress. The down payment depends on the project, but you can choose a down payment plan in installments in the range of 20% to 50%. In some projects, your monthly payments may continue even though the project is completed and delivered to you. There is also the possibility of using bank credit in some projects.

  •  I bought a house from the ongoing project, can I sell it before the construction is completed?

In Turkey, you must declare income or have a regular income in order to buy a house with a bank loan.  Banks have some rules about this. You can still use a bank loan on some projects. We will direct you to your request.

  • What is monthly maintenance / dues fees in Turkey?

 Monthly maintenance and dues fees vary according to the project. In some projects, all of the social activities such as pools, gymnasiums, fitness, sauna, steam bath, spa can be included in the dues and can be charged separately. That's why it may change. But on average, it is a maximum of $ 1 per m2. So briefly; If you have a house of 100 m2, you pay 100 $ for monthly maintenance / dues fee. Maintenance fees in Turkey are much lower compared to a city like Dubai.

  •  I bought housing in Turkey, what would the annual cost be?

You pay a monthly 1 USD/M2 maintenance fee. Real estate tax is around 0.2% of the real estate value. Annual earthquake insurance is around 50 USD. In other words, if you have a property of $ 250,000, you will have a total cost of $ 1,350, including an annual fee of $ 800 and a property tax of $ 500 and an earthquake insurance of $ 50.

  •  I bought a real estate, What are the costs and taxes apart from the sales price?

 1-title deed fee: 4% of the sale price. This 4%, is paid by the buyer and seller ( %50 - %50 ). The cost of the title deed is 2% for you. 2 - VAT value added tax: is paid 1% of the sales price.If the net area of the housing is greater than 150 m2, the VAT rate is paid as 18%. In Turkey, discounts can be made with the VAT rate in certain periods and therefore rates may vary. 3 - subscription transactions (electricity, water, gas, etc.)) these costs can be around 500 - 800 dollars. 4 - stamp tax and notary fee: contract price may vary depending on the home price, but the average is between 1000-2000 dollars.

  • Will I pay taxes if I sell my house above the price I bought? So what is the capital gain tax? How much is it?

You can pay a tax between 15% and 35% if you sell your house or property over the value you bought within 5 years.If you do not sell your property before 5 years, you will not pay such a tax.

  • I rented my property and I have rent income, will I pay any taxes? What is the rent tax?

There is no tax up to a certain lower limit. This lower limit is around $ 500 and it may change. If you have more income than this, you must pay a rental income tax between 15% and 35%. However, you can deduct expenses from this tax. If your rental income is not too high, you pay very little tax.

  • How is subway usage in Istanbul? Can I go everywhere by subway?

There is not a very large subway network in Istanbul, but it is growing very fast. Currently, it is estimated that the subway network, which is about 150 km, will be used in all the main arteries of Istanbul until 2020 and will reach approximately 500 km in length. By 2020, metro usage of all major centers will become widespread.

  • When I buy a residence in Turkey and have a Turkish citizenship, will I have all the rights of Turkish citizens?

 When you become a Turkish citizen, you will have all the rights of a Turkish citizen.

  • How does inheritance law work in Turkey?

 In Turkey, inheritance law is a very fair system. You can inherit the property you have in Turkey. In general, 25% of the wife or husband, the remaining part is shared to children. For foreigners who own a property and die in Turkey, Turkish heritage law is applied. According to Turkish heritage law, spouses and children share the heritage. If there is no child, the husband or wife will share it with the parents of the deceased. The tax applicable in the inheritance law is calculated in detail. Typically, it varies between 1% and 3%.

  • How is Turkish cuisine?

 Turkish cuisine is the best and most diversified cuisine in the world. There are so many varieties and alternatives that you won't find anywhere in the world. You can be sure that you will find something that is suitable for your taste and that you will enjoy it very much.

  • Are there schools for my children's education? Are there schools that provide English education in Turkey?

Approximately 35 million tourists visit Turkey in a year. Istanbul is one of the safest and most comfortable cities in the world. They are very hospitable to foreign guests. You can live comfortably in Istanbul.

  • How is the climate of Turkey, especially in Istanbul ?

Istanbul is a very lucky city in terms of climate. You will enjoy 4 seasons with pleasure. The average temperature in winter is 5 and in summer it is around 32-33 degrees.

  •  Is my credit card valid in Turkey or do I have to get a new credit card?

The banking system in Turkey is more advanced than many developed countries in the world. You can safely use your credit card almost anywhere. However, you must have cash for transportation such as subway, bus and taxi.

  • Can I buy and use a car in Turkey?

You can buy and use cars like Turkish citizens. It's up to your preference

  •  Does my mobile phone work in Turkey?

You can use your phone due to roaming agreements in Turkey. If you wish, you can buy a SIM card from Turkish GSM operators and use it. To prevent tax loss, the Turkish government prevents the use of Turkish SIM cards with devices that you bring from abroad, but if you pay a $ 20 tax to activate the SIM card, you can fix this problem

  •  I'am Syrian citizen, can I buy home from Turkey?

Yes Syrian citizens can buy houses by establishing a company in Turkey. You can purchase from the projects that are under construction with the contract of sale. But to get the deed on you, you have to establish a company. We can help you to establish a company in this regard.

  • When I buy the house in installments, can I get the deed right away?

Title deed transfer can only be done after all your payments and debts are completed. If you want to get title deed while the debt continues, mortgage title can be given according to the initiative of the developer firm.

  •  Can foreigners buy real estate from Turkey? 

Yes, they can

  • How long does the deed process take? In how many days can I get my deed?

2 business day

  • Can I get a title deed on behalf of my company?

Yes, you can

  • Can I get a deed on behalf of my 2-year-old son?

Yes, you can

  • Can I get a title deed on behalf of my 95-year-old father?

Yes, you can

  • What is deed?

It means that you have the right to own a property, to sell it at any time, to rent it at any time and to have full ownership rights.

  •  In the ongoing project, can I sell to someone else without getting deed?

Yes, you can do it with a contract transfer and you pay a small commission.

  • Can I buy real estate  as much as I want?

Foreigners can purchase up to 30 hectares in total, the limit is 30 hectares, can not exceed 30 hectares.

  •     If I buy property in Istanbul, can I get a residence permit?

Apart from citizenship, you can get a residential visa on condition of renewing every year

  • I bought the property. What should I do for a residence permit?

You should apply to the police department and request a residence permit. Transactions may take 1 month. We can support you in this process

  • When I get Turkish citizenship, can my children and my wife benefit from it?

18 yaş altı çocuklar ve eşler yararlanabilir./ Children under 18 and spouses can benefit.

  • I would like to buy a residence for the citizenship application, does it have any lower limit for this?

You must buy a minimum of $ 250,000 property and not sell it for 3 years. Or you have to deposit $ 500,000 in blocks to Turkish banks and not withdraw for five years. In this process, youwill get the legal interest of $ 500,000.

  • Do I have to buy in advance? Can I pay in installments?

You don't have to buy in advance. In many ongoing projects, installment sales are made. However, you must pay in advance for the completed and immediately delivered projects.

  • Can I buy a 3 bedroom and 3 + 1 apartment close to the center within walking distance of Taksim for $ 100,000?

With a budget of $ 100,000 in Istanbul, an apartment of 1 or 2 bedrooms can be purchased at a distance of 30 minutes from Taksim. In places close to Taksim, the prices of square meters will be around $ 4,000. So 130 M2 3 + 1 apartment price is around 500,000 dollars. Sometimes you can see misleading and fake ads with low prices. Do not believe them. You can find a 3-room apartment in Bahçeşehir, Esenyurt, Beylikdüzü around 100.0000 -15.0000 dollars, but unfortunately this is not possible in locations near the city center. Even very old and worn apartments, located around Taksim, start at $ 250,000.

  •  I have $ 50,000, can I buy housing in Istanbul with this money?

It is not possible to buy a housing for $ 50,000 at a 45-minute drive from the center of Istanbul. You can purchase studio type or 1 bedroom apartments away from the city centre. Istanbul is a very crowded city and the land is very valuable because it is very less. The prices are high. It's difficult to find a house with a budget of $ 50,000, but you can find it with a budget of $ 75,000. We suggest you to use your $ 50,000 as a down payment and pay the remainder in installments to buy a $ 75,000 flat.

  • How much max installments can be made to foreign customers in Turkey?

There are projects in installments up to 48 months, but usually 36 months in installments.

  • Prices on your site are expensive, the same apartment for my Turkish friend gave a more affordable price?

In the same project, all of the same type of apartments will not have the same price. Some apartments are higher and others are cheaper, even though the apartment's location is the same as the apartment's type and M2. The reason for this is its facade, View, location, , terrace, balcony, garden. In the same project, there may be a price difference of up to 30% between the apartments of the same size. If you want to make sure the apartment is solid, you should compare the apartment with the same view of the facade.

  •  Can I buy directly with more favorable conditions from the developer firm, not through you?

Turkey real estate sector is not in good condition and is experiencing a crisis currently. We are directing you not to experience problems such as the completion of construction projects, the failure of your deeds. We recommend reliable projects. We know the financial situation of the companies and after the sale we follow the deed and citizenship procedures on your behalf. Therefore, we recommend that you continue the process with us.

  • What is the average return on investment for a real estate I bought from Turkey?

The inflation rate in Turkey is 20%. New investments are constantly being made in Istanbul. The price of your residence is expected to increase by around 20% each year. Investments such as subway, Kanal Istanbul, shopping malls, hospitals can increase the value of your residence more.

  • How much can I rent the apartment I bought?

Rental income in Istanbul is around 5% of the apartment price. This ratio may increase slightly and may decrease depending on the condition of the apartment. Especially 1 + 1, 1 + 0 apartments with low m2 can provide high rental income. Apartments that offer social life opportunities within the site also have higher rental income.

  •  What is the best project you can recommend for investment?

I can offer you ongoing projects for your investment. Because during the construction phase, project prices are more appropriate. However, you should research well investing in such projects. The financial situation and power of the developer must be appropriate enough to complete and deliver the project. Previous projects should be reviewed. The location of the project and the content of the investments to be made in the region during the 5-10 years period should be paid attention.

  • What type of apartment should I buy for investment? 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1?

The rent rates of small apartments in Istanbul are higher. We can recommend 2 + 1 apartments in terms of both rental income and maintenance and dues costs.

  • Should I buy apartment from the Asian side or from the European side in Istanbul? Which side should I prefer the European side or the Asian side?

In Istanbul, the European side is preferred because most of the business and commercial life is at the European side. This situation is reflected in the price, but recently at the Anatolian side, very beautiful projects are being done. The European side has priority, but if you can find the right project, you can also buy it from the Anatolian side.

  • Why should I buy apartment or property from Turkey?

Istanbul is a city of thousands of years with a very old history, a cultural heritage and a social life that hosts different cultures. It is the only city in the world spread over two continents. It is one of the largest metropolises in the world and is developing rapidly. However, it is one of the cheapest cities in the world. Turkey is the rising star of the region and provides a safe and peaceful environment for the region. People of all races and religions have a multicultural nature, that beings can live with.

  • How much will I pay I rent my house?

You will pay 15% of the annual rent as a tax.

  • How much tax will I pay I sell the property?

If you wait and sell the property you bought for 5 years, you will not pay taxes. If you sell it at a price higher than the price you bought five years ago, you pay the tax on the profit rate. This is about 20% of the profit. That is, you buy a housing for 1,000,000 TRY and sell it to 1,400,000 TRY, you pay 20% or 80,000 TL over 400,000 TRY. These rates may vary for years and changes in tax laws.

  • Housing in Turkey is said to be sold to foreign customers at different prices and more expensive.

We do not work with developer firms that implement double prices and we warn you about this. We support the idea of selling to Turkish and foreign customers at the same price.

  • Do I have to come to Turkey to buy housing from Turkey?

You do not need to come to Turkey, but we recommend that you come here and buy. If you do not want to come, we will give you the example of the power of attorney to you, can send us through the Embassy of Turkey and you can make the purchase in this manner.

  • Can I use a mortgage loan from Turkish banks buying a house from Turkey?

Yes, you can. Some banks provide mortgage loans for foreigners. You need to declare income and your income document . But interest rates on loans in Turkey is very high. Therefore we recommend that you take a short-term installment in 36 months without bank credit.

  • Do I need a tax number?

You need a tax number to open a bank account. We help you with this, getting a tax number is a very easy and short-term process. For this, copy of the passport and an address in Turkey is sufficient .

  • I come to Turkey for the first time, is it possible to pick me up from the airport and show me the projects?

Yes, we pick you up and show you the projects you are interested in. If you tell us the properties of the real estate you want, we will direct you to the right real estate and check together.

  •  When I come to Turkey, can I bring my wife, friends and children with me?

Yes, you can all come to visit the projects together.

  • I bought housing from the ongoing project and the developer could not complete the construction, what happens in this ?

We do not work with projects that banks do not guarantee completion. In the real estate you receive through our brokerage, the sanctions specified in the contract are applied. The developer has a period of 6 months from the date of submission of the contract and pays the penalty if it passes. Even if you give up buying, they have to refund the fees you have paid.

  • I gave you a deposit but then I gave up, is it refundable?

Yes, according to Turkish law, the deposit must be refunded.

  •  I paid for the down payment and I pay my installments. can I take over my apartment and use it?

I f the project is delivered, you can take and use it.

  •  I bought an apartment for investment purposes, and I paid the down payment, can I rent it?

 You need to have a title deed to rent. While installments continue, developer companies do not transfer deed. However, if the developer approves you can rent.

  • How can I know that the project was done by a trusted company? I don't want to be deceived

We have a lot of experience in real estate market. We do not work and direct with the developers that our customers will have problems with

  •  I have friends and neighbors, can I be your agent? Can I work with you?

Yes, you can work with us. If you can convince customers who want to buy a house in Turkey, we can work together

  • How are housing prices generally in Istanbul?

The average prices near the city center in Istanbul are around  $ 2,250. Away from the center (esenyurt, bahçeşehir, beylikdüzü) is around $ 1000. Istanbul has much more affordable prices than other world metropolises.

  • What should I pay attention to buying a house from Istanbul?

Location is very important. You must invest in the right location. Places built before 2003 may not be earthquake resistant places. It is important to have transport arteries and metro connection. Social facilities, security, parking is also important. Title deed and contract status, references and credibility of the developer firm is important.

  • What is the situation of Istanbul real estate sector in 2019?

Due to general economic problems, the market has shrunk considerably. This is reflected in prices and creates opportunities to buy. Turkey has a young and dynamic population, increasing the demand for housing. Turkey is taking serious migration and tourism is very popular right now. In the near future, Turkey is a candidate for becoming the star of the region and will be one of the best economies in the world.

  •  I want to buy a house, but where can I buy the goods? Do you have any furnished houses that I can buy?

Homes in Turkey are sold as unfurnished. But our team can help you in this regard and can help you to buy as furnished. Or  they may provide for the purchase and placement of suitable items for the home you have purchased.

  • What about the kitchens in the apartment I bought, will there be kitchen stuff?

In Turkey, the houses are sold with kitchen utensils such as oven, dishwasher, hood and stove. If necessary, our team can help you buy everything you need.

  • I bought a house in Istanbul, but I can only go for a month a year. Do I have to pay monthly maintenance fees?

Yes, you will pay. whether you use it or not, you have to pay a fee (dues) for security, swimming pool, fitness, sauna, landscaping, lift, parking.

  • I bought a house in Istanbul but i rented it. Who will pay for the maintenance fees?

Whoever uses the apartment pays, the tenant will pay.

  • What services will I get if I work with you?

You will receive services such as receiving tax number, checking contract processes, sending payments to the developer account, receiving decontals and documents, opening a bank account, making electricity, water, gas, TV subscriptions, communicating with government and municipal institutions, and representing you.

  • Will you rent my apartment?

Yes, we have another team for this

  • Can I get a residence permit and a residence permit if I buy an apartment in Turkey?

Yes, you can get. You can obtain a residence permit for 1 year unless you sell your apartment. Residence permit can be renewed every year.

  •  Can I establish a company in Turkey?

Yes, you can. Our experienced team will help you in this regard

  • Who determines real estate prices in Turkey?

 Development firms determine, but the CMB licensed valuation firms determine the value of the property. If you want to get citizenship, please note that the value of the SPK licensed valuation firms is considered to be based on property. If the valuation report is below $ 250,000, you cannot apply for citizenship.

  • Who can sell real estate in Turkey?

 Anyone in Turkey, such as drivers, leather makers, guides, waiters, can sell real estate and want to be an intermediary for sale. It is important that you work with a specialist company like us.

  • What are brokerage fees in Turkey? What are the realtor commissions?

Service fee is around 3% in Turkey.  Sometimes 3% commissions can be received from both the buyer and the seller.

  • Do I have to work with a real estate agent?

We suggest that you work with companies that you can trust, rather than real estate agents, that you can rely on companies that mediate housing sales.

  • How i will pay for the real estate which i bought in Turkey, can I bring money with me?

If you buy a property from Turkey, you have to make payments to the bank.( except deposits). This will be safer and guaranteed for you. Turkish bank system is very advanced and reliable. There must be a branch of a Turkish bank in your country

  • Will I need a residence permit to buy a property in Turkey?

No, you don't need it

  • How will the process work I buy a house from Turkey?

 First of all, you will choose an apartment and pay a deposit for that apartment. Then you will sign a sales promise contract in the notary for that apartment, which includes payment terms and details. After payment of the down payment of the housing, you will have the contract to the land registry office. With these documents, you will apply for a security permit that allows you to buy real estate from Turkey. The process of citizenship will start in this way. If you give us power of attorney, our team can follow this process for you.

  •  What documents do I need to buy a house in Turkey?

Translation of your passport, power of attorney, 2 photos, tax number and bank account

  • Which documents do I need to apply for citizenship?

Translation of your passport, the sale promise contract or real estate title, (if the deed does not have to be annotated the promises of the sale contract must be annotated) real estate taxes must be paid

  • Can I find English-speaking lawyer in Turkey?

Yes you can. We can help you in this regard. 

  • Why are the homes so cheap in Turkey?

Despite being a developing economy Turkey's economy is not stable. It is more affected by changes in the world. This period, which is a good opportunity for purchase, is temporary. Prices will increase in the following periods.

  • What are my home taxes in Turkey?

Taxes such as annual property tax, environment and cleaning tax, income tax are only very low.

  • Can I insure the real estate I bought from Turkey?

Yes you can

  • How is the management and government system in Turkey?

It is governed by the Republic as in the developed countries and governments are elected every 5 years. Turkey is a modern, powerful and developed country that is a member of NATO.

  • What to do to live ( stay ) in Turkey?

With a 90-day tourist visa can stay in the country for 90 days in Turkey. If you want to stay longer, you need to apply for a residence permit.

  • How are the real estate VAT rates in Turkey?

 It may changebetween % 1,% 8 and % 18. In general, the use of net area will be around 1% of flats that do not exceed 150 m2.

  •  How many days does it take to buy a house in Turkey?

Home purchase process for Turkish customers 1-2 days, sales promise contract for foreigners 1-2 days and deed transactions can be completed within 1-2 months. Buying a house from Turkey is much easier than a lot of European countries. The title deed offices working in each district conclude these procedures quickly.

  • Do I have to hire an attorney buying a house from Turkey?

No. You don't need

  • Why should I prefer Turkey to buy a house?

Property sales rates  and demand to foreigners in Turkey, is increasing every day. 14,000 foreigners have bought homes in Turkey in 2015. In 2019, 40,000 households are expected to be sold. With the amendment of the law made by the Turkish government, people from every nation can buy real estate. When you buy a house in Turkey, the land share of the house is entirely yours. Even if the real estate is destroyed, you will have a share in the new building, and you can leave it to your children. This is valid forever. If you buy a property for $ 250,000, you can get Turkish citizenship and you can have all the rights of Turkish citizens. If you buy a property in Turkey, you will receive a residence permit that can be renewed every year. Moreover, citizenship and residence permit also includes families, including children under 18 and spouses.

  • Should I have to work with intermediaries in Turkey?

As in every major country in Turkey, you need to work with a reliable mediator, for the means you are trying to avoid risky situations in trade.In Turkey, professional groups such as taxi drivers, receptionists, tourism agencies and waiters may want to sell you Property. They all say that a cousin, acquaintance, like his brother, is a real estate agent or works in the construction industry. Therefore, you should choose the agency you are working with carefully.

  • When buying a house from Turkey, need to get approval from the military authorities. Is this true?

When the citizens of different countries will buy a residence in Turkey, military institutions will need the approval of the title deed. If the purchased site has been approved before, there is no need to be re-approved. Military institution approval may take up to six weeks. Military institutions give approval to buildings, not individuals, if you purchase from a place previously approved, you can get your deed within 2-3 days.

  •  How much cash can I bring to Turkey?

The upper limit is € 10,000. You have to bring more through the bank.

  • I have money in the bank in Turkey, how long does it take to buy a house?

Sales can be completed within 1 Week. You can get your deed in a total of 7 Days, 2 days to an apartment and make a sales promise contract, 1 day to get a tax number, 1 day to get a passport translation, 1 day to open a bank account, 2 days to transfer money. Except for the military institution.

  •  How much commission rates in Turkey?

There are usually about  6% commissions . The commission of intermediaries is around 3%. Intermediaries may request 3% commission from the seller and buyer.In general, the commission is not requested from foreign customers. only the commission is received from the developer companies.

  •  I visited many housing projects to buy from Turkey and I liked one of them, how does the process work?

For the real estate you want to buy, you pay a deposit of $ 5000 and sign a sales promise contract. At the sales promise contract, payment details, land status, apartment plan, such as the details are specified. Then, you are translating your passport with a notarized Turkish translation. You can get the tax number within the same day with this document. You're opening a bank account with a tax number. The required documents and applications are prepared for the title deed and the deed process is started. You pay for the house by bank transfer (except deposit). If the project you have purchased has been approved by the military agency before, you may receive your deed within a few days. If the military institution has not been approved, you may receive your deed within 6 weeks.

  • I bought a property from Turkey. I don't want to get citizenship, but I want a residence permit. Can I get?

 If you buy a home from Turkey, you can get an annual resident visa that will be renewed every year, including your family.

  •  How is Istanbul?

Istanbul is a big and crowded city. It is one of the oldest and largest metropolises in the world. Its population is around 20 million and it has a more populous population than many European countries.

  • How is the climate of Istanbul?

Istanbul is a city where 4 seasons are experienced at the same time. Summers are hot and humid, winters are cold and rainy. Average 5 degrees in winter and 32 degrees in summer.

  • Is Istanbul ideal for families with children?

Istanbul is a very safe city. All measures have been taken for security and convenience on the sites. Turkish people are generally very helpful and hospitable. But anyway, we suggest you to be careful.

  •  Which are the best districts of Istanbul?

Etiler, Bebek, Arnavutkoy, Ulus, Levent, Kemerburgaz, Emirgan, Sariyer, Zekeriyakoy, Istinye, Yenikoy, Kadikoy, Bagdat Street

  • Which side cheaper? Asian Side or European Side?

Asian Side is cheaper

  • How is health care services in Istanbul?

Health care services are very developed in Istanbul and health services are offered at European standards. Turkey also preferred in terms of health tourism and is one of the cheaper countries according to European countries.On the Asian and European sides, there are private hospitals serving world-class standards. Doctors and staff speak English. You get comfortable and high quality service.

  •  Can I find an English speaking pediatrician for my child?

Yes, you can

  • Is Istanbul's traffic very crowded?

 Istanbul traffic is crowded. But certain points of the city are more crowded. You can control traffic from specific mobile applications and the mobile traffic application of the municipality. If you don't use certain intersections and bridges at certain times, you won't have problems in general.

  •  I have a driver's license, do I need to apply for a new driver's license in Turkey?

No. You can use your own driving license, but you must have a notarized translation with you.

  • Can my wife use public transport in Istanbul without me?

Yes.  She can use public transport vehicles such as subway, bus, ferry, minibus, sea, railway without any problems.

  •  What documents do I need for my family's residence permit in Turkey?

Application form, petition, passports, photographs, marriage certificate, birth certificates and notarized translations of all documents are required.

  • What is the foreign identity number that given in Turkey?

 A number given to every foreigner who have the residence permit right in Turkey

  • How can I get a tax number in Turkey?

You should to go to the nearest tax office with your passport.

  •  How can I open a bank account in Turkey?

After you get a tax number from the tax office, you can go to a bank branch and open an account.

  • Where can I find a  helper for cleaning for my home in Istanbul?

 There are companies that offer these services but asking your neighbors may be a more accurate way. 

  • Where can I make my daily shopping in Istanbul?

You will find small shops in every corner. Big stores are open until 22:00, and AVMs are very common and open until 22:00. You can also order online from Migros and Carrefour web sites.

  • How does the Turkish Citizenship application process work?

You purchase a property worth 250,000 USD and apply to the directorate of land registry. When applying, remember to submit the evaluation report of the house you have purchased, the notarized translation of your passport and bank receipt. The Directorate of Land Registry evaluates your application and gives approval within 7 days. Citizenship approval is applied together with the Population and Citizenship Directorate. It is finalized within 30 days.

  • Does my family get citizenship I buy a $ 250,000 home?

Yes, spouses and children under the age of 18 may get citizenship.

  • Should I buy a property worth $ 250,000 or can I buy more than one property with a lower value?

You can buy many properties. You can buy 3 houses with a price of $ 100,000 and apply for citizenship with a total of $ 300,000 real estate.

  •  What is the Valuation Report? I bought the house for $ 300,000, but the valuation report result was $ 200,000, how does that happen?

The CMB licensed valuation companies determine the market value of the housing and the Land Registry shall accept the declaration of the valuation firm and not the Declaration of the Developer Company. You should pay attention to the valuation report buying property.

  •  I bought a house for $ 250,000, so can I get citizenship directly?

Once the necessary processes for citizenship have been completed, the national security unit will review documents and will approve. 

  •  If I buy property for rent income, can I get citizenship?

Yes, you can

  • When I buy commercial property, can I apply for citizenship?

It is enough to buy any real estate, such as land, field, house, store, warehouse, villa worth $ 250 thousand. It is important to have $ 250,000 or more in the valuation report.

  • Citizenship processes seem to be difficult and complicated processes. Will you support me on this?

We will be with you in all the processes and we will handle the transactions on your behalf with your power of attorney if necessary.

  • Can I handle the citizenship process without coming to Turkey?

If you give us a power of attorney, we can follow all the processes on your behalf and take care of the citizenship process

  • How many citizenship can be applied with a single property and deed?

A person can apply on behalf of him and family.

  • If I become a Turkish citizen, do I and my sons have to go to the army?

There is no exact information on this issue yet. Children under the age of 18 have to do military service under Turkish law but have the right to choose as a double citizen. This situation will become clear in the coming days and, we think that they will be exempted from army. 

  • I applied for Turkish citizenship but I have a child with disabilities over 18, and I want to get citizenship for him, is that possible?

 If you certify that your child is in need of care, he will accepted as a Turkish citizen.

  •  Is there a requirement to reside for a certain period of time or stay in Turkey in order to get citizenship?


  • Do I have to bring my family with me to apply for citizenship?

No. if the applicant brings their documents, it is okey. 

  • Will there be any interviews or examinations for citizenship?

Yes, this kind of test can be done necessary.

  • After Citizenship, Can I make my own profession in Turkey? Can I work?

You need to obtain an equivalence certificate for a profession such as doctor or lawyer. You also need to apply for a work permit for other jobs.

  • Do I have to give up my previous citizenship I become a Turkish citizen?

No, double or multiple citizenship is possible under Turkish law. No problem if your own country allows this situation.

  • Can I get citizenship without buying a home?

If you deposit 500.000 dollars to Turkish banks and block them for 3 years, you can get Turkish citizenship. In addition, foreign nationals who provide employment for a minimum of 50 employees can apply for Turkish citizenship.

  • What should I pay attention to buying a house from Turkey?

Does real estate really belong to the person who introduced itself as the owner?Have you seen the house you're going to buy? Are the real estate's licenses and other official permits complete? Did you want to see the official license clearance from the dealer or agent? If it's a rented property, have you seen the lease agreement? Are purchasers and sellers or agents coming to the land registry Directorate? Do you have an old tax debt to the property you bought? Have you made an addition to the contract on possible debts? Has the contract been approved by the notary public in English and Turkish? Do you have a copy of the contract?

  •  I bought real estate from Turkey before, can i apply Now?

It is valid for purchases made after 18.09.2013.

  •  Money from abroad to Turkey, must it come through the bank?

 Yes, it is a more appropriate and guaranteed method for both parties to carry out transactions through the bank.

  • Yatırım yapma, satın alma, satma ya da kiralama gibi konularda size yardımcı olarak doğru kararı vermenizi sağlıyoruz.
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