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Turkey Property Buying Process

The acquisition and residence permits of foreigners have been subject to certain legal arrangements. With the growth of the construction sector in our country, the demand of foreigners to buy real estate from Turkey has increased. In Turkey Property Buying Processis very easy and fast. You can follow these procedures yourself, or you can give power of attorney to a trusted real estate consulting firm to help you.

How can I buy property in Turkey?

Foreign citizens residing in Turkey can apply for housing loan if they wish to purchase housing. For this purpose, they must either go to the bank and apply in person or take over a power of attorney who is affiliated to the bar association or any person on all their rights. The foreigner who buys real estate is waiting for the process of transactions to cover an average period of one to two months in the title deed.  Buying process is very short and you don't need to follow this process. By giving only a power of attorney with full authority, you can ensure that transactions continue even before coming to Turkey.

Steps to buy house in Turkey

According to the current legislation in Turkey, official contracts aiming to transfer real estate ownership must be made in the land registry offices where the real estate is located. It is also possible to sign a “sales promise contract” before the official sale. Foreigners may purchase real estate in Turkey for use as a commercial property or as a residence, provided that they comply with legal restrictions. However, even in different cities, the total area of real estate that a foreign person can buy property in Turkey cannot exceed 30 hectares.

Rules for foreigners who want to buy property in Turkey

There are some limitations in the of the acquisition of real estate by foreigners. Acquisition of property by foreigners can only be done by real persons. First of all, the acquisition of real estate by foreigners takes place international bilateral relations and country interests are required. There is also a field limitation in terms of the real estate that foreigners can acquire in Turkey. Accordingly, foreigners can buy a total of 30 hectares of land in Turkey.

Required documents to buy property

Some documents are required not only for foreigners but also for Turkish citizens. Foreigners who want to buy property in Turkey should prepare all of the following documents. If you do not want to deal with this procedure, the real estate agent you represent can prepare these documents for you. Here is the list of documents:

·      Identity card or passport

·      Residence permit for real estate acquisitions of foreigners subject to residence permit

·      Turkish translation certified by notary if the transaction will be done with the power of attorney

·      The document indicating the village or neighborhood, island, parcel, building information where the property is located or immovable

·      Value of Real Estate Property Obtained from the municipality

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