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Real estate in Turkey for foreigners

Especially in the last 5 years, there has been an increase in sales of real estate in Turkey for foreigners. There are of course many reasons for this. The fact that Turkey is a country habitable, have a lot of social opportunities, safe and have a modern country, many nationals live in peace and security is one of the biggest factors. The use of modern technology in the Turkish construction sector is one of the most preferred countries because of cheap workmanship and quality construction.

Best property for foreigners in Turkey

Foreigners who want to invest in Turkey have bought tens of thousands of properties in recent years. There are restrictions imposed on foreigners. Under these rules, you can also own property. In Turkey, you can live happily with your family or make a lucrative investment for your future. The sale of property to foreigners in Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir and other cities of Turkey continues in 2019. Turkey is one of the favorite countries of foreign tourists. The most preferred type of property is Villa, housing, commercial property and field. Especially with the new law applied in recent years, foreigners' acquisition of property for 250,000 dollars and Turkish citizenship increased these sales more.

Why you should buy property in Turkey?

We can say there are many reasons for this. To invest in property in Turkey, there are really many reasons:

·      High gain in a short time

·      Safe and happy life

·      Economic social opportunities

·      Safe structures

·      High rental income

·      Easy to sell property

·      Facilities for foreigners

·      Possibility of seasonal life

The smartest investment you make for your children and your family's future, it is absolutely to buy real estate in Turkey. Reliable and experienced real estate agents who can help you with this matter are always ready to serve you.

Which property is suitable for me?

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