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Property rental income in Turkey

Turkey is the most advantageous country in terms of rent income in Europe. Because there are many people living with rental income in Turkey. Since it is the best investment tool, we can say that Turkey is a paradise country in this regard. You can pay the installments of any property you purchase with rental income and complete the installments within a few years. To do this, you need to pay a down payment and buy a property. You can move only by making property investment in Turkey and continue the life you dreamed with rental income.

Highest rental income cities in Turkey

The list of cities with the highest rental income in Turkey, Aydin province has ranked first. And the second city of Van. The cities like Sanliurfa, Giresun, Kutahya and Istanbul are among the cities that have high rental income. All of Istanbul's 39 districts have high rent income. You can amortize the property you have purchased in a very short time. Due to the increasing population density every year, housing needs are constantly increasing. The lowest rent in Istanbul is between 500 and 750 TL. Rents vary according to the status of the district. There are also high-rent properties ranging from 100.000-200.000 TL per month. The status of the property, the population density of the district and according to demand may vary. But we can easily say that; Rental income is very high in all districts of Istanbul and it is compulsory to increase the inflation rate every year.

The most valuable districts of Istanbul

Last year, the most residential sales of 3,968,000 square meters between the districts Esenyurt first, 1.349,000 square meters with Sancaktepe second, 1.261.000 square meters with Beylikdüzü third, 1.2246.000 square meters with Başakşehir fourth and 1.211.000 square meters with Kadıköy was fifth. These districts also have the best rental income in Turkey. Districts such as Kadıköy, Sariyer, Besiktas, Atasehir, and Bakırköy are among the most valuable districts of Istanbul.

Rental income of foreigners in Turkey

According to the Turkish law, foreigners who own property in Turkey and earn rental income must also pay rental income tax. There is no distinction in this respect. The laws applicable to Turkish citizens also apply to foreigners. If you own a property in Turkey and have rental income, you must pay taxes twice a year.

Rental income tax in Turkey

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