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How to get Turkish citizenship?

Turkey has received over $ 100 million investment and more than 250 applications since the reduction of the "necessary investment amounts" in the citizenship law, and an explosion is expected in 2019. Thanks to foreign investors that the new programs implemented by the Government of the Republic of Turkey, was given Turkish citizenship to foreigners. Foreigners who wish to get Turkish citizenship must invest$ 250,000 in real estate in Turkey or establish a company with capital of$ 500,000. Another option is to invest $ 500,000 in state investment tools or to invest$ 500,000 in state banks operating in Turkey on a three-year block condition. You can easily complete the transactions through Turkish companies that offer consultancy services.

Buy property and get Turkish citizenship

More than one real estate can be purchased with a total value of at least USD 250,000. But all applications must be made at the same time. All this process following the application of land registry is followed in the citizenship information offices located in Istanbul and Ankara. Your application will be finalized within 30 days. Even if you buy property and apply, you will be subject to a security investigation. When the security investigation is approved, you can get Turkish citizenship. The ministry wants to ensure that the minimum value is USD 250,000. Certified real estate appraisers, real estate values to prevent price fraud. Therefore, there may be deviations of up to 20% between the sales price and the valuation. Therefore, we recommend that you take into account the situation and buy real estate.

Rules for to get Turkish citizenship

At least a total of USD 250,000 in real estate is purchased and application is made to the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastral. The application is sent to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization with the Real Estate Appraisal Report confirming that the purchased real estate is at least 250.000 USD. After the examinations, the Ministry requests for the registration of the land for three years with the title deed of the Land Registry and Cadastral. After the Ministry sends the application to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs, the final stage is reached in the transactions. You are invited to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs to obtain the identity card of the Republic of Turkey and passport of the Republic of Turkey.

Get Turkish citizenship by investment

  • Yatırım yapma, satın alma, satma ya da kiralama gibi konularda size yardımcı olarak doğru kararı vermenizi sağlıyoruz.
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