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Buy property and get Turkish citizenship

According to the Turkish law, foreigners have the right to buy real estate from any place in Turkey provided that they are not in military zones. With the new law, foreigners will be able to buy property and get Turkish citizenship. The conditions of citizenship for foreigners purchasing a home in Turkey were set as$ 250,000 from 19.09.2013. Foreigners and their families who buy$ 250,000 worth of real estate in Turkey will be citizens of turkey immediately. Owning a residence in a country where the real estate and construction sector is very active like Turkey is a very good investment method. Foreigners who buy residence in Turkey can obtain residence permits provided that they are extended at certain periods and they have the right to reside in their families. With this permission, the children of foreigners can study in Turkey. It is easier for foreigners with residence permits to find a job, and it is easier for companies to obtain a work permit.

How it works?

Foreign nationals may buy real estate in Turkey, such as apartment, office - shop, land, field, provided that they comply with the restrictions specified in the law. If a foreign national is to obtain land or field, he / she has to inform the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism within 2 years of how to build a structure on this land. Pre-application to land registry offices should be made for transfer operations. You need to get the sequence number for the pre-reference. After the preliminary application, a day is determined for transfer to the persons who will sell and buy the property. You need to prepare a list of documents required for these actions and be ready the day you make an appointment. Transactions are completed shortly. You can get your deed within 30 days after this application. Following this arrangement, there was a significant increase in housing sales to foreigners. This regulation also applies to foreigners who invest at least $ 500,000 or who invest in a bank or who employ at least 50 Turkish citizens. In addition, according to the new regulation foreigners will be able to buy real estate without paying VAT. However, it cannot sell these properties for at least a year. The amount envisaged for acquiring citizenship by acquiring real estate investment fund participation was $ 500 million from $ 1.5 million.

Is it necessary to get counseling?

  • Yatırım yapma, satın alma, satma ya da kiralama gibi konularda size yardımcı olarak doğru kararı vermenizi sağlıyoruz.
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